WildFIRE: Legend Of The Ryukage - Book 1, Vol. 1+ (Prelude to Destruction)

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A 504-page novel sequel to the The Ryukagecomic series and the original story source material for "CDULO: Beyond The Outer Rim", "Spirits Of The Lost Winds" video games, and various other WildFIRE Expanded Universe projects! (Published in 2006).


The events of this novel begin a few hundred years after the events of the Ryukage comic storyline and span many centuries, worlds, and civilizations while continuing the saga of the Ryukage Clans descendants far into a high-tech and dystopian future full of hard-hitting martial arts action, interplanetary wars, mechanized soldiers, cyberpunk themes, ninjas, aliens, and of course... demons!

If you like a mix of Japanese anime, 1990-style martial arts movies, futuristic sci-fi, and space operas, you won`t want to miss this one!

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WildFIRE: Legend Of The Ryukage, Book 1, Vol. 1+ (Digital Format)

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